Last Dinner ''Date''

Last day of work. And how do I feel? After wanting to quit right after my first day of introduction of the work, I feel like I accomplished so much, just by not giving up. For the last couple of days this job was my only reason to even get up out of bed and look forward to something - which is coming home and be ''welcomed'home'' by a happy dog.
As for the rest of my future plans.. Oh, dear... It's like my world turned upside down in no time! I've been told I'm afraid to live, and I thought I have nothing to live for because I don't know what is worth living, since I've lost all my interests. Not talking in crazy language = I'm going to kill myself now because don't feel like living.
Feels good to know that I'm safe (HOPEFULLY), for 3more years, - because someone is going to the university! *wink, wink*
Not so worthless piece of junk after all. Thank you, Viky. You're  welcome.

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