Out With the Old in With the New

Only a couple of month before... I graduated from high school. :) One year later than expected, but still, - managed! It was not the best time of my life, but far from worst.
I did not fit in, did not feel good, due to many circumstances, I even thought about changing school, but thank god I stayed. Nonetheless, thanks to a few ladies, I dare to call my high school buddies, those 3 years went by pretty fast and harmless. Glad to close this chapter of life - for good!

However, my life dedicated to learning is not over and leveling up to a higher grade. After battling with myself, I finally talked with my dearest and closest, deciding to keep climbing the career steps, despite the fact that I don't really know what I want to do or who the heck am I as a person?!
Buch of people will look at me as a crazy person, but I feel like I owe my life to my parents. They are the only people I truly trust, because I'm in a deep situation, where I just want to cry, because of no reason at all, and they are doing their best to guide me with their own life experience.

Funny thing that I've always wanted to enjoy a university life completely on my own and then after understanding that it won't happen... My 16year old wish was granted completely out of blue! Trying to stay positive no matter what. I mean, I receiving what I wished for! Even if I'd rather do something else, than following the structure of everyone's life net.

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