Bla Blah Bleh

What's the point of even writing anything. For those who are used to university life, easy explanation - studies. Had a presentation in front of my whole class, and I was soo scared. I guess some things die slowly. One of my goals is to recover my courage when it comes to talking in front of big groups of people. Funny fact is that I used to talk in front of many people, be one of the ''VIP'' in big events, I was also a leader of a few groups and traveled there and there, having real talks with importing people - AS A KID. And then my life changed... Somehow, I HAVE A DREAM, I will once again, change it back. If I'll have the time for it! As at the moment I'm doing my very best trying to squeeze in ten books and many lessons information in my brain, because I'll have my very first exam on Monday!

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