Ett jäv!igt Framsteg - Eller?

Managed to get my buttox of the couch - to the library, get some books for upcoming killer time, and sleepless nights. The weird part is that my studies do not require to stress myself out this much, but I've been stressing out for the past three months, and small things/''problems'' becoming like fart punches. Really bad and unpleasant that disappears, and you feel like ''ya, cool, I can breathe again'' but guess what!!!  it comes again, but no matter the cause, you'' feel shitty.
And yes, ''watch the language lil lady'', but I'm sick and tired not being able to show my frustration.
Not sure what I can and can not say here, because DAMN some people really takes joy out of someone's misery.
And no. You don't need to comment or think ANYTHING. I am FINE. In fact I am better than you have ever been or ever will be.

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