Going to Jail

If you really want something - GO GET IT! Treat yo self! <3
I have something horrible to confess. Today was the day when first time in my life stole something... Not on purpose! Still a little shaken up about it. My ride was waiting outside, and I was in a hurry to get out of work. Just grabbed my jacket and ran trough the doors. Not before too many kilometers after, I ran my fingers trough my pockets and found lots of great stuff. I was pulling out chocolates, and other yummy stuff, one by one... Thought my parents wanted to surprise me, since they know I have a sweet tooth... But then suddenly, the unknown chain of keys popped out. At that time, I knew... I was a criminal.
The jackets were identical, and mine was hidden by other coats, hanging on the same rack. Good thing no one missed the jacket! Bad thing, my parent did not buy my those chocolates.

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