Its Getting Worse

realistic photo of me today in the library
Today was not the day where I feel hella energetic and ready to get things done. Nope. Instead, I tried to do my best stuDYING and after a few hours of ignoring the reality, had to make my way to university to borrow some books. See here's the thing.... When I say I'm lazy - I AM LAZY.
Was wondering around the library in my pyjamas, with no makeup, all natural, singing Beyonce's ''I woke up like this - flawless'' in my head. There were lots of girls - I bet freshmen, who were dressed like if they were going to show off on a runway of catwalk. Damn gurl - aint nobody got time for that...
Please, inner Viky.. Cope your strength and get some things done + TRY to act human and look a bit like one too.

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