Sukk It uP

Åååhhh!! Finally did some grocery shopping, and just like always, picked some new things to try! Heard about ''hummus'' before, but I was sceptical about it. Mushed up beans with lemon juice and other adage. Oh, fine... YOLO.
It tasted like peanut butter on a cheese chip, and can't decide if I liked it not, but it was pleasant addicting. Might try to do it on my own next time, but until then I have to buy a mixer or something. Small steps towards adult hood.  Exciting and yet frightening. I'm such a huge baby. Can't help it, since I live only once, and I never lived in this moment before.

p.s Sorry for ''advertisement'', I'm not paid for, but this is pretty much the highest point in my average day, where I'm lying in sofa most of the time, trying to study while having anxiety. Also, sorry for not answering any of your messages people - I'm just... sorry...

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