Another Green Post

From my last shopping, I had a package of Tofu sitting in my refrigerator, and since tomorrow it's expiring, -  it had to be used for a great purpose.
Vegan food is very tricky. You have to use the right amount of spices on a right amount of product or otherwise it will taste terrible, and that is why greens are not popular among the people, especially when people go out to eat. ''Professional chefs', can't make vegan food, that's the truth.
This was my fist time trying out Tofu and I can't put my finger on what it taste like. Closest description : really bad cheese, and since I F'ed it up by mixing wrong spices. Oh well, there is nothing that cannot be fixed with a good sauce!

And now it's time for dinner and another season of Breaking Bad. Can't stop watching, it's so addictive!

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