To Lazy - But Heathy !Champions!

This one of the easiest and the best recipes I've learned trough my very adventures food journey in life. Meaning, I learned it in school (YES, school. wow. ikr?!you can actually learn stuff in school and use the knowledge in real life).
Taste amazing, is pro vegetarian/vegan, if you choose and so easy to make.

For 2 portions:
2- 3potatoes(200g)
1 small yellow onion (50g)
1 big leek (150-175g)
5dl water
1 cube of broth (chicken/vegetable/whatever)
salt/pepper to spice things up

And here you have it. Chop everything into tiny pieces/cubes/slices, because it will boil faster. Also, I added half a carrot because of the colour. *teehee*
It takes approximately 20minutes for the soup to to cook and then you're allowed to beat the devil out of it, just to show it who'se the boss and then put some heavy cream to make it taste extra smoooth.
Bon appétit!

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