New face in Fashion world

Ok. Since I am such a no-lifer and one of the biggest stalker you will probably know... I found this lithuanian designer.
First of all, I got to say, I really don't understand fashion. Why do people make clothes they won't ever wear in public? Because get real, it looks like crap. I mean what's the point, really? But if the clothing model is cute, well, I don't mind looking at it.
Back to business. A chica named Katrina Knizikevičiūtė is one talented sister. But I'm here not to make a huge commercial about her clothes. I loved her photos.
Sweet love of Cactus. I don't see what to hate. And I always hate something about anything. Now this is 2 perfect pictures. For all the wannabe's out there. Look at this first, and when you have as good pictures as this girls does, than you might have a chance to call yourself a photographer.
Now when I mentioned it. The photographer is. Kristina Gulbinaitė. HERE is her facebook page
I'd love to participate in one of the Vogue like, photoshoot but I'm not sure If I can handle the press of trying to be someone I'm not. Anyway, great pictures. Im proud of my LT folks!

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