Real talk over here oK?

I always wondered, what happened if I died? Would many people care? Whould they even notice that I'm gone? I bet it would be like: ''wow, so she finally did die. Hah.''
And why is it so bad to think and most of all TALK about your death. It's not that I'm going to kill myself. Not on my own will. And we all are going to die. Got to say, I still believe that there is a ''cure'' from mortality. Once again. I won't get to see it, or lay my hands on it.
It's very hard not to know where are you heading in your life. What choices are the right ones and how much time do you have left before all of this is over.
People say, don't rush yourself, wait and when you are old enough and you will get there. Too bad non of us have time. And saying that I have to wait is like fooling me into loosing my time just because YOU cant do it.

More like sadness. me + computer = Get a life, Homie!

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