Best Boooster Of the Day

Today on the bus omw home an old drunk lady starts talking to me.
At first I did what I do best.
But she didn’t gave up.
Vodka-Are you Linda?
Me-Amm.. no.
Vodka-Oh, ok...
Vodka-You look like her. Very alike.
Me-*trying to make my face look like I'm smiling while looking like Im having facial cramps*

After a few minutes of silence and her deadly look at me while I was acting like I don’t see her, she said.
Vodka-Well, you look a lot prettier than her (Linda).

And when the bus stopped she crawled out of it and almost fell down.

I know people see unicorns and fairies when they get drunk, does me looking beautiful counts?
In that care I take that drunk complement as positive thing - I’m flattered.
Since drunk people say truth, even though they are BLIND.

1 kommentar:

  1. Drunk? Blind?
    Vikeh, I told you many time that you are pretty. Does that mean I was drunk on my life?


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