Woth It

OoooKey... After watching all the seasons of ''The Walking Dead'', I'm so done with all the naughty stuff on ze internet, at least for a while.
Besides that Ians/Damons face (only true TVD fans knows what I'm talking about) can make everything feel a lot better, and with just a bit of sugar - you are in a completely trance.
Btw... Friday was the first day when I ''ran away from school/didint go to class'' or what evz. The thing is that I did something I have never done before.
WE HAVE A BAD'ASS Ovah Here ;o
Funny thing is that our Mathematics teacher told whole class that she let us go to get free ice cream. And all of us RAN out. Had to wait and then fight for ice cream for about 40mins. People went nuts... I mean... I thought I was going to die. All that was missing was that someone yelled :THIS IS SPARTAA!!!!
Ant this is the treasure, my forbidden portion of sweet, sweet ice cream ;_;
(not my fav tho ;/ )

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