Of all the things I've lost, I Miss my Mind the Most

"You’re still going to get criticized, so you might as well do whatever the fuck you want." - Kathleen Hanna

People drain me. Sometimes I just need to step out of the picture and watch everything from the side. Cant put up with everything right now.

So happy I have 1 week. Because this state of mind I'm in right now... Isnt good for me or people around me.I need to refill myself.

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  1. Used to go sleeping later after later, and started waking up earlier before earlier.. I thought, if i do not stop i'm gonna meet myself at the stairway!

  2. Ah, there is so much more of it. Tell me, what are your plans for the future(honestly ofc)
    Ps. Will you make another video suun?:

    1. If I have plan ‘’A’’ I will for sure have plan ’’B’’ and ‘’C’’. But right now... I don’t reallyknow where I’m heading. I just want to be done with high school and then do my best to get my a$$ into a good university. But I'm not sure what do I want to study. It’s hard.
      I thought about making a new video today but because of things that happened yesterday I wasn’t in the mood. But I will try. Although I’m not making anything interesting is more like talking about my (once again) problems and giving advice. (:

    2. You should know that many people who did not know which college to pick up paused one year after the high school, did rest from school and then with cooled head they had chosen in which college to go next year, and many of them are good students now. Telling you this because dont want u to regret once you start it, besides who wants to work something which he does not like if he picks up unsuitable proffesion :]

    3. Yeah, well I've thought about it, but since I have already lost a year in school when I had to learn Swedish, I don’t feel like losing more time. And the fact that I might take a short ''vacation'' is frightening, I’m scared that I won’t be able to get back on what I was doing (university, learning, books –ugh…) and I have no patience, everything needs to be done now and fast. :D
      However I do understand what you're saying and I think it’s a very smart and good idea, but just not for me.


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