This is How the Fairy Tales Ends

People going on my nerves, arguments about death penalty, homework, upcoming tests and events, future...
Problems - problems everywhere.

More and more, thinking about changing my attitude. Just as an experiment for my own sake. See what good can I do just by going against what’s in my mind. However life is like a game without resume or start over consoler. A bit hurtful sometimes, but I guess, hey! Everything leads to the same end. Let's make the best out of it.
I just hope that I can keep up with this. Once started shall not be stopped. Let’s go.

And for those who don’t understand this. Don’t even bother, you never will.

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  1. CheeseFlavouredKetchup28 oktober 2013 13:56

    miss Trollskaité, hy don't you respond to people's comments? What kind of manner is that? Why are you so 'weird'?

    1. Trollskaité..? How did you... How... what?! ;D
      I was in a very bad mood and I didn’t wanted to upset someone else because I felt like $hi. I do read all the comments. And I do answers if I see that persons question is real/honest, not just a commercial for his/hers blog. ;p


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