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Is it possible to like somebody just for what he/she is INSIDE. (Not her flesh... I mean, thoughts and personality)

My class mates (who are sitting behind my back) talking about how much they hate people who steal and kill. Just within 3minutes, they decided that every single emigrant in Sweden is a killer and steals everything from them and lives from their money (like those B's ever worked....).
The worse thing is when you hear ''Shh... She's here...'' And then act like nuthin' happened, and then that fake - evil laugh... UGH!!!

This is not the first time I hear talks like dis one. Most of them talk shit about emigrants in front of my eyes because of my colour. I'm white. That means that Im safe. I somehow blend in as long as I dont open my mouth or let people to know me. But after a while when they find out my full name they all start to talk wtih me in a whole different way. I become an outsider. It's no longer about the skin colour, it's a lot more. I feel like white'A$$'nigga.
Not saying that someone is - good or bad, just because of what colour that persons skin is, as the matter of fact I think everything is bullshit.
I meet people who are racist, not only my age teenagers, regular workers, like teachers even if they try not to show it.

 I've been bullied by some them for such a long time. Not everyone know about this but - I searched for help because of those shitty people that they are. I had really bad thought running in my head for a while, but thanks to my 2 very dear friends I'm still here. I survived all the madness, and even if things get harder sometimes I know I have 2 shoulders to lean back on.

And if you who's reading this are a F'n racist. At least have some respect and don't be a douche. If you wanna hate, hate on yourself and let people be alone. $h!tBag...

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  1. Catman Stormvermin14 oktober 2013 17:21

    - Unbound to this post -
    Vikkeh, you're such a heavy person.
    I do not know how many headaches your future husband will have with you once the rings are on.. Poor guy!
    Besides, you seem like a person who is not able to return love to someone who will eventually marry you (love for love - not going to be)
    I would never marry you, because you are philosophing all the way.
    Besides, who loves Emo and Feminists... Yuck!

    1. Not so Dear, Catman Stormvermin
      Not everyone need to like me, or love me (you totallz should because I’m totallz awsum). And when it comes to marriage – don’t worry about my future life. My future husband and I ARE (present time) very happy. (: (‘’thanks for asking’’) and just so you know, there are people who love this Emo&Feminist B that I am.

  2. Have some compassion, people!!! She is losing so many subscribers everywhere, no wonder she is irritated.
    Besides, who wants to live in Shithuania? - their language is like Hungarian - both doesnt sound European at all!!!
    However, this picture of Mass Murderer Mustache is placed with giant reason( he built their every single city and most of the buildings are from his era of terrorizing).
    So they continue, even after death, to adore their dictator.

    1. Haha. THIS – IS- SOOOO- DOPE!
      My subscribers are still here, don’t worry, I’m more irritated that you care about it so much.
      Shithuania? ;D Wow. Auch. I love my country and I love my language. And don’t talk $hi about something you don’t know or understand.
      Really. You should Google first. Have you ever heard Lithuanian? Don’t think so.
      I wouldn’t say I adore Stalin but I think that he was more intelligent than this comment. Not saying he was a good/ bad person. But this picture was a part of a black humor I have. I see some people can take it too well. (:

  3. Anonymous Catman14 oktober 2013 19:17

    By reading both commemts i wrote hours ago - i feel sick. I shouldnt have written it. Krap. I dont mean everything i wrote above, i just unleashed my imagination - becuz i felt i needed someone to be victim of my frustration today.. And what is better than anonymous chat :? So i apologize to you, do not cry, be happy and once the things will sort up and life will move better. Delete this krap comments. Many people love you, you are just unaware. :)

    1. Anon Cat…
      At least you know how to apologize. You have some humanity in you. That’s good. I’m sorry that you had a bad day. Life is not always sunshines and rainbows. And if you want to discuss things with me, I’d love to do dat. I don’t get mad over how other people think. It nice to hear from them once in a while – to know that they CAN think at all.

  4. Ooooohhoohooho - ho.
    Ur gonna teech me hu im i? How much humanity i got in myself?

    Commenting here is sooooo addicting - just like you are addicted to something else, u know wat it is !:

    I still do not like emos&fems.
    "shithuania" - well, having absolutely nuthin against country, just thought that you will get that joke well, but it seems you didnt :D
    Mr Mustache is not important.
    And youiz gonna teech me about life, its pros and cons, and so(again you philosophing too much).
    Well, hungarian aint nice at all, and lithuanian, even weird a little bit, cannot be compared to it.
    And who is ur future husband? Your present bf?
    You wrote that youiz happy - you look verry depressed, no wonder people complain to you about you! :*( u aint honest - u dont give a krap about my bad days - most likely you wunt to put your foot on my neck as a revenge) x)

    1. Do I know you? Because it seems like you don't know me at all.

  5. Anonymous Cat.15 oktober 2013 14:30

    Aaawr bored.
    I expected decent comment, answers?!


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