Wut a NOTbeautiful day

I'm too tired today, so I won't complain much, but todays dental check up was - AWFUL. Gawd... Dat woman went totall psyko with all those tools. The taste of my own blood in my mouth... And then
Dentist-What do you drink when you're thirsty?
Dentist-What do you eat?
Dentist-What kind of food?
Me-(omg B... just let me go already...) Idk...
Dentist-What did you eat today for breakfast?
Dentist-OMG!!! COOKIES?! ;O OMG!!!! AAAAHH!!!! *alarm sounds everywhere* What are you thinking?! What does your parents say?! You need to eat normal food, like bla, bla, bla and.. BLAH, BLAH....
Me- *pokerface*

And she was pissed.... I saw her writing down something but I didnt even care I just wanted to go home. But before that she gave me a new time to come back to this second devils place in dis earth... (1st is school).
Even ze food in my school looked like someone dump in it.

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  1. Jellyfish Melly the Second (dad's princess)16 oktober 2013 15:19

    Female dentists are often weird, i mean, when i was the last time, i said pull it she said lets heal it, i said will it grow up she said lets repair it i said repair it she said that i will have to pay for that option i said how much then she said the sum * me-UGH!* i said i have no cash then i said farewell they said farewell but kept talking to me even when i was closing doors on their office, fleeing from chatterers.

    1. Haha... THIS!
      Good thing I don't need to pay to those bastards ( dental care is free til the day you turn 19 or 20 ). That is why they are so picky with evertyhing. -.-

  2. Jellyfish Melly the Second (daddy's priceless princess)17 oktober 2013 16:56

    Then hurry up to fix them yall because later that leeches will try to extract every single penny from your purse (to compensate every service they gave to you before you grew up over the age limit.
    And they are very serious in face, many of tjem worg both in state hospitals and have their own dental offices.. Killing themselves with money * jelous grin *

    1. I'm trying but they are working so slooooow, I have to wait a whole month for my next visit. And even then, they gonna THINK about, If I really need to get my tooth fixed or If can wait a few more years until it fall out.
      Don't really get the system here :D


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