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OmFg... I just found my letter from last semester, that I wrote to my english teacher after seeing how many people were cheating and I was the only one who was studying hardcore style.

''Dear Ms. Svonni
Bro, I been struggling the entire semester trying to get a good grade in this class -- I can't get it. And I onw' know if you know dis, but people in yo class room be cheatin' dawg; I ain't gone say no names cuz I ain't no snich. Kay?
They might have even asked me to cheat wiff em... and I said NEIN!!! And it's really hard to be an honest student get good grades. Halla at aplaya, I'm jus sayin'. I ain't ono snitch. So don't even try to 'axe' me who it is. I don't know if you got some extra credit I could do to get my grade up. But if you do, I'd preciate it. Please let me know.
 Yo hommie, VikyVictim''

She did not comment it but she still looks at me in a weird way.

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  1. Tell us the motives, such as why have you started making blogs, and later vlogs? For which purpose?
    And some usual questions,such as:
    Which is your favourite color,number, do you have bros/siss, how old are your parents, which is your favourite class, movie, cartoon, music, when will you marry, what do you want to work when you grow up, which countries/cities you want to visit..
    Since you are public person, you should answer :)
    Best wishes to you from Asma :)

    1. Wohohow! So many questions! c;
      I decided to make a video response. As soon as possible. Hope it's ok with you, because there is so much to write down. n.n''
      Thank you, Asma, for you comment!


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