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Silly people. I met this girl Natasha (not a real name, but since she's Russian. perf). She is so kind, smart, understanding, friendly person. You have to search for her kind nowadays. The problem is that all of those beautiful personalities are so insecure about how they look.
I've never seen her. I know that she's a curvy lady and feels uncomfortable about that.
But here's the thing. I don’t... give... a single... F&CK. How you look, as long as you a good person.

I don’t give a single fart in space about how I look. In fact, don’t care at all. I’m very Fkd-up person. When it comes to dressing. I don’t know what to wear. Having tons of slutty clothes isn’t helping. I would much rather wear my old jeans /too small, too big- no care. Blouses... gawd... as long as it’s warm and colorful - k.

I should be your inner source of ''you're better than you think, look at Viky''

FAT, FAT, FAT, FAT,FAT, FAT-BURGER, BURGER.... :listen to understand:

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