Arrested for Doing a Good Job

So today I did a good job! Or so I thought I did.... Let me tell you.
During work hours I found this Flash Disk lying in wet snow at the parking lot. I took it home with me, before moisture damage occurred Today, I opened a few files, and saw lots of family pictures and had no idea who those people were.

-To skip my babbling about my spy/stalking skills.... -

I found a wedding picture, and I found the groom's (from the picture) blog, later his facebook page. I thought he would be happy to find out that his memories were not lost and would want to get his FlashDisk back immediately... but, NoHohoho.....
In fact the man seemed to be irritated that I was disturbing him. At one point I was scared that he would report me to the police! No kidding!!!
Also he was not willing to meet me and get his belonging, the matter of fact, he made ME to put his stuff in his post box.

No 'thank you' was resieved this day.-Welcome to the douchëbags world.

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