WARNING Information To WalkingDead fans WARNING

Have to share this secret with my internet connection followers. Started off new year with this game, completely random! And I have to say, I'm pretty amazed by it. Was stuck after only few minutes and spend 1 hour straight, playing it, and going to bed at 5 o'clock in the morning.
Basically you are this afroamerican (where da hell is afro america?!) dude who want to survive, and you get to shape his life and his choices!
For those who want to try this game out, I wont spoil anything, but also, this game has 2 problems that I came across. 

1.Works only on apple products, iPhone/iPad.
2.You get to play season 1 for free but have to pay for the rest 5, -20$, and I told myself long time agon - not paying for games ONLINE.

I guess Ill be spending my next few hours on skipping trough this games episodes on youtube!

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