Girly Post About Worlds Problems

Having no budget and instead $$$ - having hooter chicks problem (big.... bazooms). It is almost impossible to find a normal dress, and even harder to find a dress I would LIKE to wear.
Everyone is talking about the prom coming soon, and I see girls looking for dresses online during the lessons. It makes me so frustrated!
Let's look at the options we have :
the summary is not that bad. Wanting to smash the show and still be elegant makes it hard to be an eye candy and a lady at the same time.
looking fab while striking a pose, but during the normal walk or a straight standing - i'll be looking like a cow with my hourglass figure,
1. my breast will be bouncing to tango all over the place
2. bra string will be the topic of everyone
3. what bra do you even wear to this?! it like a magic trick, not everyone is able to pull off!.

To be honest this makes me extremely mad and I might skew the dress thingy and stay at home....
Other alternatives is to visit MADLADY and a dress that surely will make me flash my body parts ant traumatize my surrounders.

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