You are Welcome to Spoil Me NOW

So damn proud of my browsing skills I'd french kiss myself like I was in a middle of a street and give myself a medal for being this awesome.
ok.. lets get back to the story....
Saw G-Dragon's video a year ago and there was this few seconds moment where I fell in love with his outfit. G-Dragon in particullar is a fashion diva but this time he stepped up his game!

This is the one he was wearing.
And this is the only type you can get since that one was ''unique''.
You can get this cout for 925Dallaz HERE.
Doing my best not to brake down and cry like a baby because I have no ass and Beyonces bank account atm.

p.s coat made by Hyein Seo

and yes... Im a bit of a stalker. You're welcome.

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