Cant Fake it If you Cant Make it

no make up = ugly?! nooooh!!!! no makeup = viky uber power Sexyness overload

I thought about taking a tour around the block, and by that I mean my neighborhood, and by that I mean the town I live in and hate so much because I feel so miserable while life passes right before my eyes and there is nothing to do about it because im scared to live, and worse - im scared to fail on LIVING.
However his day was not as productive as it was supposed to be, but there is always other day to fail and maybe I will succeed to fail better.
Also there are soooo many ideas in my head - what to do, where to go what to see, even so im not able to do all these things because I want to... no ... I NEED TO share these memories with someone else *laughs hopelessly* there are no other people like me, at least not that I know of. Its a huge struggle because I feel like im not allowed to be ME 100% when im around other people.
Either i'm too childish, too dramatic, too sarcastic, too unpredicted, too young and stupid, too serious, too stubborn and the list goes on. Why cant I just appear as -me?!

Poop on this statement because nothing going to change, unless I do something about it!

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