Im Here not to Judge but To make Men Cry

As said, need to see as much as possible! Always wanted to visit ''Collectorspoint'' but there were never a good timing for it, but today!!! What can I say about this place without involving some negativity...
in case of emergency? I guess it what all the V-card noobs call ''protection''

First thing I see when I come inside - a lot of games/toys/comic books and everything a geek could ever dream of.
Second - dudes age of 24-30 or even older talking in game language 

and O.M.Grapefruit those people really need to talk with a psychiatrist, do something decent and meaningful with their existence.

I also found this gorgeous money wasted and i'm dying to have it! Reminds me so much of my old days 100 years ago when I was less old and full of life, most of the time, and arcourse, I had a life. With real people in it.
and I dare to call other people un-cool? haha..ha

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