A day OUT

My sis and I took a ride around the block and pass trough some shops finding more and more awesome items each time. I took maaaany photos, and then I realised that I have no memory card inserted in my photocamera.... *high five*!
iPhone had only 2% left and for all the iPhone users, I know you feel my pain...
Found so much rad stuff, sadly costing more than I had on me and I was not willing to use my credit card. Still bought a book! I'll brag about my ''houl'' later in the next post *wink*
Among the many things I found interesting, this one of them that made me think twice if I wanna buy it or nah. 40krouns/4Euros - did not find it ''worth it'' and there were this moment where I felt unsure if it was my style, because I go for more vintage/retro style pieces nowadays.
Second-hand store had many fun interior details, but some of them tortured me. Like an unappreciation of books. Terrible!
And then I saw this baby... Everything else lost its meaning

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