Umeå mall ''Utopia'' reminds me of Lithuanian ''Akropolis'', except that everything -fun - in Lithuania is at least 10x better.
While mingling around I went inside ''Body Shop'' to check out is they have something new. I knew I was in need of a new face cream, but it's almost impossible to find something good nowadays because everything is about selling and not caring about the client.
Anywhozie, new limited edition of ''Virgin Mojito'' was out, and this edition was VERY wanted. However, I did not buy it because nothing about it appealed to me.
 Buch of sales still happening in all the shops but they should give it out for free cuz this fashion looks like trashcan inside.
I did buy some things from H&M because they had sales of sports clothes and lingerie. Would show off my awesome body in my new purchase, but people are so envy of my curves I can not make them feel more worthless than they already are.

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