The moment you don't know how to react anymore. Cry because you can finally have a completely new life. Or laugh because you don't know what to do or what do you want.
I saw my life always to go as planned. One of things that was and still is most importantly - is to get an education (a piece of paper in my hand that I can show other in order to hope for a better place on earth and to show myself that I did it). At first my plan was to become a doctor, then a psychiatrist, later a social scientist, but nothing ever seem to fit me... And when I realise that I can have it all, be whoever, and everything becames meaningless. Especially I realised that - I don't know WHAT I want.

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  1. Vad är det för program du har blivit antagen till?

    1. Hej! Jag kom in på sjuksköterska, tandhygienist o jurist, samt olika kurser MEN inte till det jag valde i 1:a hand. Lite tråkigt men sånt händer ;) Jag är mer glad än ledsen faktiskt!


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