Ensam Är Stark

After the storm comes a rainbow. And every problem comes with multiple solutions. There is always a way in and out - if not, it's your job to make it work!
”den som inte kan ta del i [gemenskapen] eller inte behöver det, eftersom han klarar sig själv [är], ett djur eller en gud.”
Google Translate : "Those who can not take part in the [Community] or do not need it, because he/she can handle him/her-self [is] an animal or a god."

Ah, today I feel extra proud of myself! Just seeing what I've had accomplished in such a short period of time makes me wonder if there is anything I CAN NOT do? One thing is for sizzle, I can't take all the credits for myself. Trough low and high - some people never left me wander alone.
Don't know what cards will the future lay on the table, but I'll keep on playing, because so far all I do is keep on winning.

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