Lazy Friday Morning

WARNING; this ''vanilla protein bar'' is one of the worst, I strongly suggest you buying something else. But only my personal opinion.

Yesterday evening was spent by hugging the toilet. No idea what was wrong with my stomach, but I hope it will get better as soon as possible because I'm heading to work in a few hours and tomorrow is planned as well.
Also, I started following some vegan inspiration channels and my mind is all into sucked up into healthy eating. Even my kitty ( I call my dog kitty), was interested into stealing away a some of my salad.
Big thanks to Swedish YouTuber Therese Lindgren, and vegan activist Gary Yourofsky, although my intention is not to become a vegan right away, - but to chose more healthier and environment/animal rights ''acceptable'' way of living my own life. Also, it does not mean that I'm a vegetarian and I don't eat meat (even if it happens rarely), because I'd be lying to myself and anyone else here. But with time - everything is possible! My motto, I've been using for some while.

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