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before and after going to vegan event
As always, my family does something special/different on each birthday, so we went to Vegovision ''vegan fair''. I have so much to say about my experience there, but I know that many people made a huge effort trying to make this event happen, so I will keep my -not so friendly - comment to myself.
Lots of food samples and things I've never tried or seen in my life! Forgot to take pictures because I was buisy fighting for food because the lines were endless but food had its limit. Wanted to buy some stuff but pretty much everything I wanted to spent my money on  was - SOLD OUT! In only 1 hour after opening.
This is Axel Lilliestråle a 21year old vegan guy who came here to promote his book. Asked if he was ok with me taking a picture of him and he was really glad I asked him!
Btw this is how all the tables looked like at the event - with different goods on it.
After the event we went right into a pride walk where I saw rainbows and naked girls. Pretty much Tumblr in real life. However I was more interested in my food and ice coffee!

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