Survived first WeeK!!!

What's going on?! Everyday is full of new information, new things to learn, new people to meet, and I'm like a sponge just take everything in without questioning.
Tomorrow is a very chill day,  so library and a tour around the city might be just IT. Still can't concede that I'm a university student. Everything is just so different from what I've imagined it to be. Still, there are so many unanswered questions, and such a low time limit.

If there are real readers out there who are interested in what's going on in my little complex life, - thanks for being so patient! It's just a lot harder to run a perfect blog and read a large amount of books/texts, than I had in mind before, this became my daily life.
Also, I won't write all my life details because I found out trough close people that my blog is being stalked my very insecure people who only hate on me because of no reason. Oh, so peanut butter and jealous....

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