Will everything be OK?!

On the way to my new living place! First time in my life I sat in the first row... of two stories high bus! It was a great, sunny day, so the view was amazing! Tried to sleep, but the nerve wrecking thoughts about moving did not let me relax.
And this is me on my first day of university. With no makeup. All scraggly - but happy +scared.
I was so afraid.. to be misunderstood, or to be alone - AGAIN, just like I always was, once I moved to Sweden. Oh, how wrong I was... It's only my second day, but the people are lovely! Can't complain about my classmates either, nor my flat mate. Everything is a lot better than I expected to be. Did not meet a single person I knew from Umeå, my old town I was living in. And it feels sooooo goooood!!! Finally free from all the hate and negative vibes.
However, it's not home. Don't have that feeling. Not yet.

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